Packaging Machine Manufacturer in India

There are many packaging machine manufacturer in India and packaging plays a crucial role in the food industry because good packaging ensures the safety of the contents. The quality and type of packaging will determine the freshness of the food therein. The manufacturer must ensure durable packing to avoid spillage, dust, dirt, entry of germs, or any other damage. Buyers will discard your product if it is not made available in appropriate packs. So, if you are a manufacturer of any type of food product, you must have a sound, efficient, and correct type of packing machine.

An innovative and worthy Packaging Machine Manufacturer in India will offer you the following varieties. Know your requirements well beforehand to choose the best option.

Types of Packaging Machines

1. Powder Packing

You must understand that the texture of food asks for a specific type of packing. Even if you are indulged in the manufacturing of powdered products, you cannot opt for the kind of packing used for other solid foods like biscuits; powdered food requires packing of its own kind. This category includes flours, spices, sugar, coffee, powdered milk, and plenty of other things. EP-70-S-AUG machine with different pouches should be your perfect choice for powdered food.

2. Vacuum Packing

If you deal with foods prone to perishability like frozen food, processed meat, chips, namkeens, etc., you will require vacuum packing. Vacuum packs ensure a longer shelf life of the snacks therein due to the appropriate control of air in them. Thus, aerobic microorganisms cannot survive under this controlled setting which results in fresher sustenance of the packed food. You must contact a specialized Snacks Packing Machine Manufacturer for this purpose.

3. Liquid Packing

Apart from solid foods, liquid foods are also on the list that requires specialized packing. If you manufacture products like shampoo, tomato sauce, oil, milk, honey, pastes, sauces, or anything in liquid or even semi-liquid form, you must pay special attention to non-spillage. Weight accuracy is crucial here because anything heavier than the quality of packing may lead to tears. Citric nature like in tomato sauce will also impact the package quality. Check Ess Pee Packaging Machines.

4. Bundle Packing

You might have seen bundles or combo packs of food products in the market. If you want to club two or more food products together in one package, you should choose a specifically designed package machine only. The machine should allow custom packing because of the varying needs. Such a machine also enables packing larger quantities together. Some of the common examples are candies, gift packs, hotel room kits, and so on.

5. Cold Storage

It does not matter if your food product is solid or liquid; sometimes, temperature affects the type of packing. The reason is that the food product is to be stored at a very low temperature, and a weak/ unsuitable pack may get damaged in colder conditions. So, ensure a good quality tetra pack for beverages that are highly likely to go into a refrigerator. The deposition of ice or thawing resulting in water droplets on the package requires extra care.

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