• Ideal machine to pack products like Salt, Detergent Powder, Crystallyzed sugar etc.
  • It meets the demand of the user within the required standards of weight accuracy.
  • Material contacts parts in this machine is in SS-304.
  • Range of weight can be packed is from 10 grams upto 1 kg.
  • The machine seals center & top/bottom of pouches with high air pressure (pneumatically) to give air tight seal.
  • The speed of the machine is up to 65 PPM (Pouches per minute) depends upon the weight to be packed.
  • Stainless steel housing, parts in contact with products and bags comply with GMP requirements, guarantee hygiene and food safety.
  • Dual motor film pulling system which ensures less wastage of packaging films.
  • A custom programmable logic controller with a touch screen provides precise selection and adjustments of fill amounts and machine functioning providing easy setup, operation, and monitoring of filling operation.
  • All the automation products are from mitsubhishi which ensures high lifetime of machine
    without changing any spare parts.
  • Built in print registration device from Datalogic, Italy.
  • All the pneumatic products are from SMC.


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