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Automatic Granular Packaging Machine Manufacturer

Ess Pee Packaging Machines Pvt. Ltd. is a prominent Granule Pouch Packing Machine Manufacturer. We assure you that our packaging machines are superior in quality and boost the packaging of powdered products in a lesser timeframe. All our granule packing machines come with a high degree of weight accuracy. The machines’ stainless steel housing, the parts that come in close contact with the product and the bag fully comply with the GMP standards and thus, ensure food safety and hygiene in the complete packaging process.

To ease the usage of the machines, we offer our machines a touch screen custom programmable logic controller. The material contact parts in all our machines are in SS-304. You can make the required adjustments as per your need and flexibility. Moreover, Ess Pee Packaging Machines Pvt. Ltd., a Granule Pouch Packing Machine Manufacturer takes into account that the design of our packaging machines ensures hygiene and simplifies the cleaning process.

We offer three granule pouch packaging machines. These are mentioned below;

1.   EP-70-LW-4 Head

  • It efficiently packs all types of granular products like pasta, macaroni, snack items, pulses, vermicelli, etc.
  • This machine can wide range of products ranging from the weight of 50 grams to 1 Kg.
  • The machine can pack 45 pouches per minute, respective of the weight of the products to be packed.
  • We have given a very simple interface to the machine with 2 The first one is for bagger operation and the other one is for weigher operation.

2.   EP-70-MHW

  • This packaging machine is perfect for packing granular products like pulses, macaroni, pasta, vermicelli, snack items, and so on.
  • The machine can pack products weighing from 5 grams to 5 Kg.
  • The machine is extremely fast in packing due to the combination-based weighing and dropping Its average giveaway is over 100 packets when it continuously packs products ranging from 4 to 5 grams.
  • The machine can use different types of packing materials that are suitable for multilayer compounds, laminating film, an aluminum film, and so on.

3.   EP-60-CF

  • The machine can be used for packing products like salt, detergent powder, crystallized sugar, and many more.
  • It can pack products ranging from 10 grams to 1 Kg.
  • The machine has a dual motor film pulling system that reduces the wastage of the packaging films.
  • The speed of this machine is up to 65 PPM meaning packaging per minute, respective to the weight of the products to be packed.